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  • Real-time transmission over UTP CAT5E/6 cable
  • Screw Terminal for twisted-pair connection; comes in 1 pair
  • Transmission distance for HD-CVI: 720P (440m), 1080P (250m), 4MP/4K (200m)
  • Unshielded twisted pair - 24AWG UTP Cat5e / Cat6
  • Maximum transmit distance: 200m (USB1.1); No power required
  • Only recommended to use for Wired Mouse

- Supports V1.4 HDMI standard
- Comes with 1 x 5V 1A Adaptor

  • supports up to 250Mhz Video bandwidth
  • No power required
  • supports up to 250Mhz Video bandwidth
  • Powered by 9VDC (adaptor included)

1. Fancy appearance, easy installation. 
2. Support different kinds of operating system, such as: DOS,WIN3.X, WIN95 / 98 /
98SE / 2X / ME / NT, Linux, Netware, Unix and so on 
3. Support plug and play (PNP), add or minus the computer at will, no need to shut
down the computer.

  • 1 x HDMI5SW 5-way HDMI Switcher
  • Supports V1.4 HDMI standard
  • Comes with Remote Controller and 5V 1A Adaptor
  • Powered by 5V Adaptor (included); also includes S-Video, RCA & Component cable
  • Supports 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1680x1050

>Power supply: Input voltage DC24-36V, can provide DC12V 8W(max) power supply to remote cameras, simplify engineering wiring.
>Transmission effect: Real-time transmission video, no delay, strong anti-interference.
>Transmission distance: 400m (max). 
>Mainfunctions: Use single UTP (CAT-5E and CAT-6) real-time transmit 1-ch HD videosignal and 1-ch DC power.
>Protectionand anti-interference: Excellent anti-thunder, anti-static andanti-interference capabilities.
>Appearancestructure: ABS engineering plastics shell, small size, use RJ45 standardinterface connection mode.


>Power supply: No need additional power supply. 
>Transmission effect: Real-time transmission HDCVI/AHD/TVI/CVBS video signal without compression, video is clear and stable.
>Transmission distance: 0~400m (with passive transmitter). 
>Main functions: Use 4 wires meanwhile to transmit 16-ch video signal. 
>Protection and anti-interference: Excellent anti-thunder, anti-static and anti-interference capabilities.
>Appearance structure: BNC coaxial interface, the green has screw terminal and crystal head twisted-pair cable interface.