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Falcon BANKER SAFE LEGEND 1 is really a great, fabulous and worthy safe to own by all. The Falcon Banker Safe is specially and specifically made to fit the banking environment. This does not mean that you cannot own a Falcon banker safe in your home or office premises.


These Falcon Banker safes are made with a real high quality stainless steel constructive material which gives extra durability, strength, and tenacity like a bull. The Falcon Banker safe’s great quality ensures maximum security protection from thefts and harmful damages from fire.


The internal storage space of this Falcon Banker safe can load and hold a decent amount of items and valuables like cash, Jewelries and important paper documents.


Some of the features it comes with are 1 full width drawer, 1 adjustable shelf, 3 moving front bolts, 1 top moving bolt, and 1 bottom moving bolt, 1 dead relocker, 1 live relocker, and a full length vertical rebate.


The Falcon Banker safe has a dual locking system. That means it comes with a Secure Key and a Combination Lock.


The External Size dimensions of this Falcon Banker safe are 711mm (Height), 605mm (Width), and 660mm (Diameter). On the other hand, the Internal Size dimensions are 500mm (Height), 400mm (Width), and 500mm (Diameter).


The Falcon Banker safe weighs 500kg. It is a hefty safe box for thieves and burglars to even think of stealing. So, get your sturdy Falcon BANKER SAFE LEGEND 1 safe today to safeguard all your valuables.


External: 711H x 605W X 660D

Internal: 500H x 400W x 500D

Features: 1 full width drawer, 3 moving front bolts, 1 top moving bolts, 1 dead relocker, 1 adjustable shelf, full length vertical rebate, 1 bottom moving bolts, 1 live relocker

Weight: 500 kgs

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