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Brand Falcon
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Falcon Strong Room Doors come with strong and durable steel bars with layers of steel constructions inside. The premium quality door ensures maximum security over hazards like thefts, and intrusion damages.


The strong room doors will give great protection over the prized valuable possessions like money, jewels, and vital documents stored with a sleek touch of contemporary design. This is mainly because of the  great locking mechanism which comprises of 1 S&G Combination Lock from USA and 1 KABA President Lock from Germany.


The strong room door comes with 500 – 1600 kg of weight depending on the specification and model. This is to make sure that the door remains save and sound without a scratch during a theft attempt. The strong room doors offer many useful features for maximum protection over vaults.


The Falcon SSM100 SST door encases the safe & lock engineering technology. Thus, it last for a very long time and shines with elegance. Falcon SSM100 SST (4.0”) is really a strong room door with true Stainless Steel finish quality.


The Falcon SSM100 SST[4''0''] door comes in dimension of  2170mm in Height, and 1285mm in Width. It weighs 1300kg. So, it is robust and resilient door that cannot be knocked down easily.




Dimension :2170H x 1285W (mm)

Locking :
1 S & G combination lock (USA)
1 KABA President Lock (Germany)

Weight : 1300kgs

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