Philips 5100 Digital Lock
Price RM1,338.00
Brand Philips Digital Lock
Availability 60
  • Auxilliary Handleless
  • Manual Touching Wake-up System
  • Auto Locking Function
  • All the Prices is include Installation + Free 1 unit HD IP CCTV Camera

All the Prices is include Installation + Free 1 unit HD IP CCTV Camera

Philips 5100 Digital Lock comes in a sleek and simple design in Silver and Copper colors. It is compact and thin, thus will not take up much space. Widely suitable for installation on both inside and outside premises to access the doors. The old method of lock and key can be a thing of the past. Upon installation, instantly enjoy a smart and convenient life with this keyless digital lock. There is no necessity to remove the traditional door lock and refurbish your door. Just add on this digital lock without taking much private space.


Here are some of the key features it comes with. They are:

  1. Multiple smart unlock modes in Auto and manual
    The modes are by fingerprint up to 100, Access card up to 100, and password up to 10.
  2. Smartlock functions
    It has Anti-dismantle alarm, Anti-prying alarm, and Outside forced lock alarm. It also comes with Indoor deadlock System locking and a Manual touch sensing System wake-up method.
  3. Simple compact design yet modern and pleasing to the eye
    Compact, sleek, and slim lock body made of zinc alloy through a unique panel cutting process. This gives the digital lock nice curved lines combined with deep texture. Thus, it has a pure elegant appearance.
  4. The mute function allows peaceful quiet sleep at all times
    Pressing the mute button switches to silent mode and turns of the prompting voice.
  5. Easy installation and operation
    Able to directly replace the old lock system or place it side by side with it. It has Indicator lights for Door locks status prompt, Low battery prompt, Mute status prompt, System locking prompt and Human voice guide.
  6. Semiconductor sensor for swift unlock and information safety
    The semiconductor fingerprint sensor has an identification speed of less than 2 seconds. The fingerprint identifies based on human skin body temperature. It can easily detect fake fingerprints.
  7. This digital lock runs on 4 alkaline batteries and suitable for wooden, copper and anti-theft doors.
  8. Privacy and protection on passwords
    Comes with fake pin code technology which safeguards and protects your password.


  • Access Solution

  • Smart Lock Functions

    Alarm function
    • Anti-dismantle alarm
    • Anti-prying alarm
    • Outside forced lock alarm
    Safety function
    • Fake PIN code
    • Outside forced lock function
    Locking function
    • Indoor deadlock
    • System locking
    System wake-up methods 
    Manual touch sensing
  • Easy Operation

    Indicator light
    • Door locks status prompt
    • Low battery prompt
    • Mute status prompt
    • System locking prompt
    Voice guide
    Human voice guide
  • Design and appearance

    No handle
    Fingerprint sensor
    Main material
    Zinc alloy
    Emergency escape design
    Surface processing
    Pearl silver
    Ergonomic design
  • Lock Capacity

    Up to 100
    Up to 100
    Master PIN code
    User PIN code
    Up to 10
    One-time PIN code
    Visitor PIN ocde
  • Mode

    Operationg mode
    • Auto mode
    • Manual mode
    System setup mode
    • Safe mode
    • Normal mode
  • Power Spec

    Battery type
    Alkaline Batteries
    Emergency power
    5V power bank
    Maximum batteries capacity
    4 batteries
    Power supply
    4 AA batteries
    Time of use
    12 months*
    Working voltage
  • Installation

    Door thickness
    • 30-50 mm
    • 50-90 mm
    • 90-120 mm
    • Other range*
    Direction of opening the door
    • Left inward opening
    • Left outward opening
    • Right inward opening
    • Right outward oepning
    Door type
    • Wooden door
    • Copper door
    • Antitheft door
    Multi lock point
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