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Opening a door without a key is a dream for all at home and in offices. So, going Keyless is the new path being taken by the young new generation. So, St Guchi SGDL-809L / C70MB DIGITAL DOOR LOCK is here to help you realize your smart home dream and solve all your petty keys problems.


The features it has are:

  1. Comes with a RFID CARD and also with password protection.
  2. The Automatic Lock and Relock feature along with a Scramble code makes your environment safe and secure from intruders.
  3. It can be easily Integrated with the fire sensor and saves lives during a hazardous fire breakout.
  4. The Anti-Hacking Emergency Alarm System is a nightmare for hackers. The volume level on the alarm system is controllable and adjustable. Burglars and thieves will think twice to break-in into such a highly protected premise.
  5. The High Voltage protective circuit does not burn out easily and the External emergency battery terminal (9V) is a plus point during blackouts to safeguard your environment.
  6. It is even easy to use at night and comes with a Back lock thumb turn button.
  7. It has a panic handle for use in times of emergency.
  8. It has a built-in self-diagnostic function to assess errors encountered.
  9. This robust product is made in Korea and comes with an emergency key.



  • RFID Card Access
  • Password
  • Automatic Lock / Relock
  • Scramble Code
  • Intergrated with Fire Sensor
  • Anti Hacking Emergency Alarm System
  • Adjustable Volume Level
  • High Voltage Protection Circuit
  • External Emergency Battery Terminal (9V)
  • Easy to Use Even At Night
  • Self Dignostic Function
  • Back Lock Thumturn / Button
  • Anti-Panic Handle
  • Emergency Key
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