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  • 7-inch Main/Sub Monitor for SWD272 Video Intercom System (without box)
  • Up to 4 wired monitors can be connected in a system
  • Each monitor powered by 230VAC
  • 2-wire connection from Main Monitor to Sub Monitor
  • Panasonic 7-inch Video Intercom System - Highly Expandable Series
  • 2-wire connection from door station to main monitor using 0.75mm2 cable: Max 100m
  • Package comes with 1x Main monitor + 1x Door Station + 1x Wireless DECT monitor
  • Supports Total of 7 Monitors Wired (VL-MWD272: max 4) / Wireless DECT monitor
  • (VL-WD613: max 6), 2 Door Stations (VL-V522L) & 2 Repeaters (VL-FKD2)
  • Door Station for SV71, SWD272 and SVN511 Video Intercom System (without box)
  • Up to 2 Door Stations connectable to the Main Monitor
  • 2-wire connection from Door Station to Main Monitor
  • Night Vision - Warm white LED lights for colour viewing up to 50cm; IPX3 rating
  • Panasonic Door Station for SF70 Video Intercom System - clear stock
  • Up to 2 Door Stations connectable; requires a Switch Box to add a second Door Station
  • 4-wire connection from Door Station to Switch Box
  • Night Vision - White LED lights for colour viewing up to 50cm; IP44 rating
  • Video Intercom Accessories
  • Wireless Monitor for SWD272 (without box)
  • Up to 6 wireless monitor connectable. Max wireless range is 100m with no obstacles
  • Can add on up to 2 x Repeaters (VL-FKD2) to expand the range for Wireless monitors