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  • Casa Asia 327 Sliding DC Motor up to 1000kg heavy duty
  • DSCS - Digital Soft Speed Control System, no more using conventional limit switches.
  • Backup Battery - Continue running on backup battery during a power failure.
  • Oil Bath Worm Type - Oil bath worm type reducer for maximum life span.
  • Infrared Beam Sensor - Optional
  • Automatic Close Control - Indoor selectable automatic close control.
  • High Quality - High quality electronic and mechanical components
  • Photo Sensor - Photo sensor control automatic lighting with delay timers.
  • Maximum Safety - DC24V low voltage motor for maxium safety.
  • Overload Detector - Electronic overload detect and rotary sensor to protect user and the machine.
  • Timer / Hi-amp adjustable
  • Built-in backup battery charger
  • Control board for arm type automatic swing / folding gate system
  • Suitable for all AC motor