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Product Highlights

  • Intuitive push-pull use
  • System wake-up by manual touch
  • Manual Locking Function
  • Free Installation + Free 3 Years On-Site Warranty + Free Gift
  • Choose your free gift : Padlock/Smart IP Camera/Fire Extinguisher

Product Introduction & Details

Philips 6100 Digital lock is a Push and Pull Smart Door Lock. It provides you a trendy one-step door opening. A new lock that your new smart home deserves.

Now you can enjoy the convenience of the intuitive unlocking and auto-locking, the comfortable feeling of the humanized detail designs and the visual pleasures of a streamlined body and color blending of a deep texture.


  • Philips 6100 Digital Lock E-Catalog : Click Here
  • Real Life View of Philips 6100 Digital Lock : Click Here

Here are some of the key features it comes with. They are:

  1. Multiple smart unlock modes in Auto and manual
    the modes are by fingerprint up to 100, Access card up to 100, password up to 10, and mechanical key.
  2. Extraordinary design
    Simple and compact design which is pleasing to the eye and handy to use. It has a smooth and durable surface finishing. A wonderful splendid design tailored for your modern smart home.
  3. One key Anti-theft system to protect your entire home
    Equipped with 1 key anti-theft system for instant inside unlock alarm. Paired with hidden C-grade lock cylinder for double security. It also comes with an inner rotary knob for convenient door opening with just one twist.
  4. Fake PIN code function
    Comes with advance fake PIN code function to prevent disclosure of passwords. A unique function to protect the digital lock password and provide your home with a whole new level of security.
  5. Auto-Lock and Unlock system for better convenience
    The fully patented and mortised unlock and lock system allows you to leave your home without double checking. Also comes with voice guide to make operations and setting easier.
  6. Smart life with excellence
    Bid farewell to the lock and key system and welcome the keyless era of modern living. Switch easily from Automatic to manual mode at any time. The wireless network extension offers an amazing smart home living experience.
  7. Emergency power supply and low battery prompts
    No more worries on your digital lock on not functioning properly. It supports emergency power supply and low battery alarm to ensure uncompromising security at all times.
  8. The digital lock comes in Gold and copper colors.
  9. This digital lock runs on 8 alkaline batteries and suitable for wooden copper, and anti-theft doors.

Product Specifications

  • Access Solution

    Card : Yes
    Fingerprint : Yes
    Mechanical key : Yes
    Password : Yes
  • Smart Lock Functions

Alarm function ;

    • Anti-dismantle alarm
    • Anti-prying alarm
    • Outside forced lock alarm

Locking function :

    • Electronic deadlock
    • System locking

Mortise :

    • Full auto mortise
    • C-class lock cylinder

Safety function :

    • Dual verification
    • Fake PIN code
    • Outside forced lock function
    • Safe handle function
  • Easy Operation

Indicator light :

    • Door locks status prompt
    • Low battery prompt
    • Mute status prompt
    • Outside forced lock prompt
    • System locking prompt

Voice guide : Human voice guide

  • Design and appearance

    Color : Obsidian black
    Emergency escape design : Indoor fast opening mortise
    Ergonomic design : Push-pull handle design
    Fingerprint sensor : Semiconductor
    Main material : Zinc alloy
    Surface processing : Electroplating
  • Lock Capacity

    Card : Up to 100
    Fingerprint : Up to 100
    Master PIN code : 1
    One-time PIN code : 1
    User PIN code : Up to 10
  • Mode

Operation mode :

    • Auto mode
    • Manual mode

System setup mode :

    • Dual verification mode
    • Normal mode
  • Power Spec

    Battery type : Alkaline Batteries
    Emergency power : 5V power bank
    Maximum batteries capacity : 8 batteries
    Power supply : 4 AA batteries
    Working voltage : 4.5-6V
    Time of use : 8 months*
  • Installation

Direction of opening the door :

    • Left inward opening
    • Left outward opening
    • Right inward opening
    • Right outward opening

Door thickness :

    • 38-60 mm
    • 60-90 mm
    • 90-120 mm
    • Other range*

Door type :

    • Anti-theft door
    • Wooden Door
    • Other Doors

Door Lock Measurement Guide

Please provide the following pictures and measurement details to our sales person before buying to check for qualification.

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