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Product Highlight

  • Traditional Handle Style Use
  • Manual Touching Wake-up System
  • Manual Locking Function
  • Free Installation + Free 3 Years On-Site Warranty
  • Choose your free gift : Padlock/Smart IP Camera/Fire Extinguisher
  • Discount are applied all in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah & Sarawak
  • 7100 models will be discontinued after the stocks are cleared

Product Introduction & Details 

Philips 7100 Digital Lock E-Catalog : Click Here

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Philips 7100 Digital lock has a Lever Lock 171. It gives a Stable and lasting performance. Thus overall lasting secured life for your family. The digital lock employs 4 proofs durable mortise. The simple design makes the lock beautiful and elegant. Eye-pleasing and functional. It gives you and your family a new experience of comfort and peace of mind. The digital lock System wakes up by manual touch.


Here are some of the key features it comes with. They are:

  1. Multiple smart unlock modes in Auto and manual
    The modes are by fingerprint up to 100, Access card up to 100, and password up to 10.
  2. The 4 proofs mortise gives maximum security
    The mortise comes with 4 functions. They are anti-prying, anti-dismantling, anti-sawing, and anti-collision. The stainless steel material used with high hardness is durable and rust-free. The digital lock is able to withstand high heat temperatures and hard hitting violence.
  3. Free handle protects mortise from wear and tear
    After you lock, the handle is in a free state where moving it up or down will drive the mortise. Thus, it protects the mortise from wear and tear and will last longer.
  4. Mechanical key opening alarm
    When anyone opens the lock through the mechanical key hole, the mortise will immediately set off the alarm. This helps to prevent violent damage and lock picking.
  5. Super B anti-theft cylinder that enhances door lock and safety
    The lock cylinder is the key component that controls the opening of the lock and is like the heart of the lock. The super B ant-theft technology has a high performance on preventing technical lock picking.
  6. Safe handle switch
    You can enable the safe handle switch function before you leave your home.  Once you lock the door, the indoor handle gets locked. Thus, it ensures that nobody can open the door by pushing the indoor handle. This prevents unlocking from indoor and eliminates security risk and improves anti-theft performance.
  7. Semiconductor sensor for swift actions
    The semiconductor fingerprint sensor has an identification speed of less than 2 seconds. The fingerprint identifies based on human skin body temperature. It can easily detect fake fingerprints.
  8. It has Indicator lights for Door locks status prompt, Low battery prompt, Mute status prompt, System locking prompt and Human voice guide.
  9. The digital lock comes in silver and copper colors.
  10. This digital lock runs on 8 alkaline batteries and suitable for copper, and anti-theft doors.

Product Specifications

  • Access Solution

    Fingerprint : Yes
    Password : Yes
    Card : Yes
    Mechanical key : Yes
  • Smart Lock Functions

System wake-up methods : Manual touch sensing

Safety function :

    • Safe handle function
    • Fake PIN code

Mortise :

    • C-class lock cylinder
    • Four-protection mortise

Locking function :

    • Indoor deadlock
    • System locking

Alarm function :

    • Anti-prying alarm
    • Anti-dismantle alarm
    • Mechanical key opening alarm
  • Easy Operation

Indicator light :

    • Low battery prompt
    • Door locks status prompt
    • Mute status prompt
    • System locking prompt

Voice guide : Human voice guide

  • Design and appearance

    Handle : Lever handle
    Fingerprint sensor : Non-hidden
    Main material : Zinc alloy
    Surface processing : Electroplating
    Color : Obsidian black
    Ergonomic design : No
    Emergency escape design : Indoor fast opening mortise
  • Lock Capacity

    Fingerprint : Up to 100
    Card : Up to 100
    Master PIN code : 1
    User PIN code : Up to 10
    One-time PIN code : 1
    Visitor PIN code : 1
  • Mode

Operation mode : Manual mode

System setup mode :

    • Safe mode
    • Normal mode
  • Power Spec

    Battery type : Alkaline Batteries
    Power supply : 4 AA batteries
    Maximum batteries capacity : 8 batteries
    Working voltage : 4.5-6V
    Time of use : 12 months*
    Emergency power : 5V power bank
  • Installation

Door thickness :

    • 38-60 mm
    • 60-90 mm
    • 90-120 mm
    • Other range*

Direction of opening the door :

    • Left inward opening
    • Left outward opening
    • Right inward opening
    • Right outward opening

Door Lock Measurement Guide

Please provide the following pictures and measurement details to our sales person before buying to check for qualification.

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