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Product Highlight

  • Push-pull intuitive use
  • Auto-sensing Wake-up System
  • Auto Locking Function
  • Free Installation + Free 3 Years On-Site Warranty
  • Choose your free gift : Padlock/Smart IP Camera/Fire Extinguisher
  • Discount are applied all in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah & Sarawak
  • 9100 models will be discontinued after the stocks are cleared


Product Introduction & Details

Philips 9100 Digital Lock E-Catalog : Click Here
Real Life View of Philips 9100 Digital Lock : Click Here


Philips 9100 Digital Lock comes with a smart push-pull door lock design. It only takes one step to lock or unlock the door. Makes your life simple and gives great security. Now you can enjoy the convenience of unlocking and auto-locking the door with ease. With the humanized detail designs, visually streamlined body, and color blending deep texture it makes this digital lock a great hit with many.


Here are some of the key features it comes with. They are:

  1. Push-Pull handle
    The push-pull handle design simplifies door using steps by replacing the way of rotating and pressing with a push or a pull. Definitely reduces the waste of time in opening door handles.
  2. Multiple smart unlock modes in Auto and manual
    The modes are by fingerprint up to 100, Access card up to 100, password up to 10, and mechanical key.
  3. Multi alarm function
    This digital lock comes with an all-around alarm function. This increases the anti-theft level of your home and safeguards it.
  4. Wireless network extension
    Connecting to the wireless network enables remote management of the door lock use and real time monitoring of the door lock status.
  5. Hidden fingerprint sensor with swift recognition
    The lock comes with a semiconductor fingerprint sensor which enables accurate and swift recognition with an identification speed of less than 2 seconds. The sensor is inside the handle to protect it from malicious attacks and destruction.
  6. One touch outside forced lock
    When you are going out you can touch the outside forced lock button. When this function is active, anyone inside an empty room or house tries to open the lock, an alarm will go off.
  7. Auto-sensing awakens the lock
    When someone approaches the door lock, it will auto sense and awaken. The touch pad will lite up and await for your action. if there is any hazardous act done on it, it will sound the alarm.
  8. It has Indicator lights for Door locks status prompt, Low battery prompt, Mute status prompt, System locking prompt and Human voice guide.
  9. This digital lock runs on 8 alkaline batteries and suitable for wooden, and copper doors.

Product Specifications

  • Access Solution

    Fingerprint : Yes
    Password : Yes
    Card : Yes
    Mechanical key : Yes
    Bluetooth : Yes
    Easy Key APP : Yes
  • Smart Lock Functions

System wake-up methods : Auto sensing wake-up

Safety function :

    • Safe handle function
    • Fake PIN code
    • Outside forced lock function

Mortise :

    • C-class lock cylinder
    • Four-protection mortise

Locking function :

    • Indoor deadlock
    • System locking

Alarm function :

    • Anti-dismantle alarm
    • Anti-prying alarm
    • Outside forced lock alarm
  • Easy Operation

Indicator light :

    • Low battery prompt
    • Door locks status prompt
    • Mute status prompt
    • System locking prompt
    • Outside forced lock prompt

Voice guide : Human voice guide

  • Design and appearance

    Handle : Push-pull handle
    Fingerprint sensor : Hidden
    Main material : Zinc alloy
    Surface processing : Electroplating
    Color : Obsidian black
    Ergonomic design : Push-pull handle design
    Emergency escape design : Indoor fast opening mortise
  • Lock Capacity

    Fingerprint : Up to 100
    Card : Up to 100
    Master PIN code : 1
    User PIN code : Up to 10
    One-time PIN code : 1
    Visitor PIN code : 1
  • Mode

Operation mode :

    • Auto mode
    • Manual mode

System setup mode :

    • Safe mode
    • Normal Mode
  • Power Spec

    Emergency power : 5V power bank
    Battery type : Alkaline Batteries
    Power supply : 4 AA batteries
    Maximum batteries capacity : 8 batteries
    Working voltage : 4.5-6V
    Time of use : 12 months*
  • Installation

Door thickness :

    • 38-60 mm
    • 60-90 mm
    • 90-120 mm
    • Other range*

Direction of opening the door :

    • Left inward opening
    • Left outward opening
    • Right inward opening

Door Lock Measurement Guide

Please provide the following pictures and measurement details to our sales person before buying to check for qualification.

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