Premium Series P4 5′ Left Handle


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  • 12 lock with pin security deadbolt lock
  • SUS304 heavy duty Hingers
  • Modern stainless steel handle
  • Honeycomd core infill
  • 50mm door leaf
  • Handle


A safety or security door is very carefully and ergonomically designed to provide everyone with high safety and meets stringent security standards. This is achievable by the door design, frame structure, stainless steel grades, durable heavy duty locks and hinges.  The stronger frame structure and locks increase the security of your home and business against burglary attempts, thefts and forced entries.

Most people only think of safety doors when replacing external doors, but they are also frequently used for rooms where a homeowner wants to give extra protection. Such rooms are dens, panic rooms, vaults, escape routes and doors leading into basements. These rooms at home are places where sensitive materials, and valuables are kept.

Some of the benefits of a safety door are :


The Stainless Steel Door and Grill provides a strong and robust resistance against harsh weather conditions.


The Improved Lock Structure gives better protection against burglary, theft and forced entries.


The Solidly strengthened Door Hinges make your door safer. These hinges are rust free, corrosive free and long lasting.


The Rockwool Insulation provides improved sound insulation protection and is fire resistant to prevent or inhibit the spread of fire.

The Premium Series P4 5′ Left Handle comes with 12 lock with pin security deadbolt lock , SUS304 heavy duty Hinges, Modern stainless steel handle,Honeycomb core infill,50mm door leaf, Handle.

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