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  • AEI Wall-Mount Corded Phone
  • Suitable for Hotel/Apartment
  • Magnetic Hook Switch Design
  • Message Waiting Lamp
  • Redial function
  • Black colour

A private automatic branch exchange (PABX) is an automatic telephone switching
system within a private enterprise. This device functions like a traditional telephone
switchboard but is suitable to accommodate business settings.
A PABX allows a company to create its own in-house phone network. This simplifies
dialing and calling within the organization, enabling re-routing of calls to different
extensions. Although PABX devices have traditionally been hard-wired, many
systems have switched to IP-PABX. This advancement uses VOIP (Voice Over
Internet Protocol) technology to send calls over the Internet, making the PABX system
virtual. With IP-PABX, phone extensions can be anywhere as long as there is an
Internet connection. Using wireless networks, additional offices and lines can be in
use quickly without the physical limits imposed by traditional phone lines. Virtual
PABX systems typically cost less than normal setups.
Whether a business uses a traditional hard-wired PABX or upgrades to IP technology,
the basic function remains the same. When an incoming call arrives, it's routed
through the central control station. For each incoming call, it assigns a code. Because
a PABX comes with multiple lines, it can handle and sort several incoming calls at
one time. The PABX stores all the extension numbers corresponding to every phone
used in the building. The device can "switch" or transfer incoming calls to any of these
lines based on its unique number.
The AEI AAX-4100 Wall-Mount Corded Phone [suitable for Hotel / Apartment] comes
with Single-Line Corded Telephone, Magnetic Wall Mount Clip and Hookswitch, No

Guest Service Keys, Hearing Aid Compatible, Handset Volume Control, Hold Key
(Two line version), Room Number Displayed on Faceplate, Ring Indicator on Base,
Customizable Hotel Logo and Dialing Instructions on Faceplate.

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