VIVOS VG1-K1 LCD Alarm Keypad


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Product Highlights

  • Designed for all generation
  • With “EZ-P” (Eazy-Programming) Technique
  • Configure the system during star-up without hassle
  • Alarm Can Speak
  • The system will can the user informing of the triggered alarm zone with current status of the alarm.
  • The unique designed of the voice guiding will help you through the entire process.
  • Minimize False Alarm
  • ViVOS is engineered to minimize false alarm
  • Implementing sensitivity
  • Adjustment such as zone response and smart zonefeatures
  • Module Expandable

VG1 is a highly sophisticated home security alarm system used advanced engineering technology.VIVOS innovate new technique, which has high integration, good reliablity, advanced technology, mightiness function and “EZ-P” (Eazy Programming) tecnique.

Product Specifications

Power Supply AC input (16.5 VAC, 3A Costumized Transformer by ViVOS)
Standby Current Max (90mA)
Backup Battery 12Vdc, 7AH SLA Rechargeable Battery
Strobe Light Output Max 1A (12Vdc)
Siren 1 Output Max 2A (12Vdc)
Siren 2 Output Max 1A (12Vdc)
Auxiliary Output Max 2A (12Vdc)
LCD Display 16×2 charather LCD display with yellow-green backlight.
Keypad Dimensions (L) 125mm x (W) 100mm (H) 28.5mm
System Reset Button Mainboard System Restart
System Indicator Output Max 100mA (12Vdc)
Dedicated Input Remotee Arming and Disarming
Communication Format Digital ViVOS proprietary and contact ID (CMS).

What’s in the box?

  1. VIVOS LCD Keypad x 1
  2. User Manual

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