Philips Digital Lock

A safe and convenient life made accessible by Philips Smart Digital Lock.

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Digital Lock for Grill Door

Finally, a Keyless Entry for your GRILL DOOR! Security is never needing to hide a spare key again, check out how with our wide range of digital door locking products.

Smart Lifestyle

Designed to be convenient but provide extra security with a keyless entry such as passcodes, fingerprints, Bluetooth and Pincode.

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Mobile App Control

Paired with a mobile app, the Home+ Digital Lock is the best smart lock to allow remote access to lock, unlock and monitor the entry log of your front door.


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Our Digital Locks

Smart Home WiFi Smart Air Purifier with Tubular Motor - Security System Asia

PHILIPS EasyKey 303-VP Security Door Digital Lock

RM2,288.00 Add to cart
Home+ D3H WiFi Doorbell Lock 1 - Security System Asia

HOME+ D3H WiFi Video Camera Smart Digital Lock

RM1,899.00RM2,099.00 Select options
Philips EasyKey 603E digital lock malaysia selangor serdang sepang klang puchong 01

Philips EasyKey 603E Smart Lever Digital Door Lock

RM1,988.00 Add to cart
PHILIPS Easy Key DDL702-1HW digital lock malaysia puchong 01

PHILIPS Easy Key DDL702-1HW Digital Door Lock

RM2,888.00 Add to cart
HOME+ HD1 digital door lock malaysia selangor puchong 01

HOME+ HD1 Smart Wi-Fi Digital Door Lock

RM999.00RM1,449.00 Select options
HOME+ A7H digital door lock malaysia 01

HOME+ A7H Push-Pull Digital Door Lock

RM2,299.00RM2,749.00 Select options
Philips EasyKey 702 digital lock malaysia selangor kuala lumpur 01

Philips EasyKey 702 Smart Facial Recognition Digital Door Lock

RM3,388.00 Add to cart
HOME+ HS60+ Digital Lock 1- Security System Asia

Home+ HS60 Plus Smart Grill Door Digital Lock

RM1,499.00RM1,699.00 Select options