BLUGUARD BLU-GSM-260 16 Zone GSM Module with Voice Module


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Product Introduction

GSM Module help you to stay alert of your home’s status no matter where you are with GSM module. This 24-hours Telephony Monitoring system reports on your home’s status through instance SMS messages.

Product Highlights

  • Act As Backup Telephony Line

When line disruption happens, the GSM will automatically act as normal telephony system.

  • Personal SMS Control

Give personal reporting on your alarm status and command your alarm with SMS features.

  • Standard Industrial SIM Card Support

Support standard size SIM card from all Telco

  • Call you when Your House is in Trouble

This system will call you when your house alarm has been trigger or power supply cut off.

  • User Friendly Voice Assist

Give simple command to your alarm wherever you are by calling the system.

  • Work Fine with all Networks

Our GSM is compatible with most of the Telco networks in the local and international standard.

Compatible Control Panel

GSM200 : BLUGUARD L9 & V9 Series Control Board
GSM260 : BLUGUARD V16 Plus & T16 Plus Series Control Board
GSM320 : BLUGUARD T32 Series Control Board

Product Warranty

2 Years

What’s in the Box?

  1. BLUGUARD 16 Zone GSM Control Board with Voice Module x 1
  2. Metal Enclosure x 1
  3. External Antenna x 1

Additional information

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