DEA Gulliver 2000 Sliding Autogate AC Motor Set


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Product Description

DEA GULLIVER 2000 is an auto gate system that is suitable for sliding auto gates. Gulliver 2000 is a heavy-duty sliding auto gate system that supports up to 2000kg with a three-phase contactor where intensive duties are applicable. Thanks to the mechanical or electronic auto gate motor clutch, the safety of the auto gate system are highly assured. Feel free to browse all kinds of compatible auto gate accessories for DEA GULLIVER 2000 on our website.

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Product Highlights

  • Three Phase Contactor
  • Metal Pinion thickness of 35mm, to ensure good coupling with the rack even if the door is deformed.
  • Release with customized key
  • Fixing plate to be cemented or screwed.
  • Gear operator with steel worm-screw and bronze crown, lubricated with low viscosity grease that ensures long life and reduced wearing.
  • Integrated limit switch for easy installation
  • Simple unlocking system by key
  • Mechanical clutch with Anti-crushing safety
  • Superior performance fine tune to yield motor maximum performance
  • Coded remote control allow 30 to 50 meter transmission
  • Electromechanical break for more immediate stop
  • Designed for heavy duty

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Product Warranty

3 Years

What’s in the Box?

  1. DEA Gulliver 2000 AC Sliding Motor x 1
  2. COS-3R V3-AC Sliding Panel x 1
  3. DEA Gulliver 2000 KG Sparepart Contractor (3Phase) x 1
  4. 433MHz Remote Receiver x 1
  5. 433MHz Remote Control x 1
  6. Gear Rack (Each 9mm x 30mm x 1005mm) x 4
  7. PVC Box x 1

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