Falcon SSM100 Strong Room Door SST [4”0”] Stainless Steel Finish


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Product Description

The strong room door comes with 500 – 1600 kg of weight depending on the specification and model. This is to make sure that the door remains to save and sound without a scratch during a theft attempt. The strong room doors offer many useful features for maximum protection over vaults. The Falcon SSM100 SST door encases the safe & lock engineering technology. Thus, it lasts for a very long time and shines with elegance. Falcon SSM100 SST (4.0”) is really a strong room door with true Stainless Steel finish quality. The Falcon SSM100 SST[4.0”] door comes in dimensions of  2170mm in height, and 1285mm in Width. It weighs 1300kg. So, it is a robust and resilient door that cannot be knocked down easily.

Product Specification

Model: SSM100 (4.0”) Stainless Steel

Dimension :2170H x 1285W (mm)

Locking :
1 S & G combination lock (USA)
1 KABA President Lock (Germany)

Weight : 1300kgs

Product Warranty

1 Year

Additional information

Weight 1300 kg



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