FALCON V180E Solid Safe | Key Lock + Digital Lock


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Product Description

Falcon Solid Safe V180E security box is a sleek and chic modern design safe deposit box that many people prefer to own to store their valuables at home or in the office! Falcon Solid Safe V180E safe box comes with 1-hour built-in fire resistance in case of fire situations, ensuring your valuables are safe and free from damage within the 1-hour time frame. The Falcon Solid Safe V180E safe deposit box provides security to your precious belongings and important documents from possible unforeseeable fire and burglary attacks. On the other hand, the Falcon Solid Safe V180E safe deposit box is made specially to fit into small areas. The space-friendly safe deposit box is made from high-quality stainless steel material to ensure robustness and high durability which in return provides tight security for safe deposit box users. The Falcon Solid Safe V180E safe deposit box has 2 locking systems. One is by a key lock and the other is a Dial combination or Programmable Digital Lock. The choice is yours to make. The safe deposit box’s dial combination or password can be reset according to your preferences at any time.

Product Highlights 

  • Comes with 1 lockable drawer
  • Comes with 2 adjustable shelves on the inside
  • Mounting holes are present, which allows floor mounting
    • Burglar or thief wouldn’t be able to uproot it and escape easily
  • External dimensions
    • Height: 810mm
    • Width: 590mm
    • Diameter: 510mm
  • Internal dimensions
    • Height: 666mm
    • Width: 446mm
    • Diameter: 345mm
  • Weight: 180kg
    • can hold up to 102 liters
  • Made in Korea

Product Catalogue

Product Specification

Model: F-V180E

Dimension (external): 810H x 590W x 505D mm

Dimension (internal): 666H x 446W x 345D mm

Weight: 180kg

Capacity: 102 liters

Fire Resistance: 1 Hour (JIS rating)

Locking System: Keylock + Programmable Digital Lock

Accessories: Internal c/w 1 drawer & 2 adjustable shelves


*Mounting hole is opened at the bottom for floor mounting purposes.

*Password can be reset according to user preferences.

Product Warranty

1 Year

Additional information

Weight 180 kg



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