OAE 333 Autogate Arm Motor (Key) Set


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Product Description

OAE 333 is an auto gate system that is suitable for swing or folding auto gates. Equipped with heavy-duty and robust auto gate stainless steel arm, it is able to withstand a maximum weight of 400kg per wing with adjustable force and up to 5 meters in length on each side. Back up battery is included for standby in case of power failure. Any other types of auto gate accessories compatible with OAE 333 can be purchased on Security System Asia.

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Product Highlights 

  • Max weight of gate, 400kg per wing with force adjustable
  • Max length of gate, 5 meters per wing
  • Gear box three stages planetary reducer
  • The system provides electronic anti-cruising feature, auto reverse & instant stop upon contact.
  • Easy installation, non underground motor.
  • With backup battery, the system can still be operated during power failure.
  • Dual speed design with soft cushion stopping.
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Arm
  • Backup battery standby for power failure
  • No underground installation
  • Coded remote control allow 30 to 50 meter transmission
  • Italian Technology
  • Made In Malaysia

Reasons for choosing OAE Autogate system :

  • Reliability Advanced microprocessor-based electronic low-voltage controller and distributor with auto-analysis and self-diagnostic functions encased in weather resistant housing
  • Safety 12-volts DC motors eliminating the dangers of electric shock hazard and operating safely even in rains and floods
  • Security UHF remote control transmitter and receiver with code encryption technology offering the finest security performance
  • Emergency Instant panic alarm function operated though remote control
  • Efficiency Dual speed motors reducing to ultra low speed while reaching the ends of opening or closing the gate, eliminating any crushing impact
  • Protection Electronic overload sensor provide instant stop and auto-reversal upon contact with obstacle for extra protection to children and elderly in case of emergency
  • Convenience Uninterrupted service with rechargeable back-up battery for 72-hours or 70-cycles during power failure.
  • Simplicity Self-mechanical locking system to keep away unrecognized visitor

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Product Warranty

18 Months

What’s in the box?

  1. 1 Pair OAE Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Arm
  2. 1 Set 433MHz Receiver with 3pcs Remote Control
  3. 1 Unit Weatherproof PVC Box
  4. 1 Unit Control Panel
  5. 1 Unit 12V, 7.2 aH Backup battery
  6. 1 Year Warranty

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