AND ALPI-24-CP2 Italy Awing Gate Arm Set


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  • Technical characteristics
  • Model Code ALPI-24-CP2
  • Power Supply 24Vdc
  • Motor power 25W
  • Current consumption 1A
  • Max thrust 1000N
  • Operating temperature range -20 +60°C
  • IP Protection IP44
  • Duty 50%
  • Weight 4kg

The autogate is an installation on a gate to open and close it automatically. This device is a convenient tool for car owners and the entire household because you can control when you leave and/or enter your home.
Commercial autogate devices are remotely-operated which means you can use the remote from inside the house or from your car once you get home. Just press a button and you can open or close your gate from a distance. If you’re tired from all the work at the office, you won’t experience the additional stress of manually opening and closing your gate because you won’t need to step out of the car to do it. Rain won’t be a problem as well, park your car easily with an autogate system.
People think that owning an automated gate system like the autogate is a luxury when in fact there are many more reasons that point to it being a necessity for every home.
There are four main types of autogates – sliding autogate, arm autogate, pillar mount autogate and underground swing autogate. Swing gate openers are electric arms that move in and out of the main opener body. This is attached both to the gatepost and part way out on the gate itself. When you press the remote the arm moves, so swinging the gate on its hinges to an open or closed position.

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