PANASONIC VL-SWD501BX Stylish Premium Wireless Touch Screen Video Intercom Set


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Product Highlights

  • View and Talk Flexibility
  • Electric Lock Release Support (AC12V-1A / DC12V-1A)
  • Wide-Angle Camera (Horizontally : 170° , Vertically : 115°)
  • SD Card Recording (Store up to 3000 video recordings, each 30 sec in length)
  • Wireless Sensor Camera Connectable
  • Flexible and Easy Expandability
  • Easy Extension
  • Voice Changer
  • Intercom Call

Product Features

  • Wireless & Convenient

The wireless design means that there is no troublesome wiring required when adding on to the system as well. You can add up to 6 sub monitors and 4 DECT Wireless Sensor Cameras for large homes, and easily confirm visitors from a monitors in each room.

  • Touch Panel

The main monitor has a 5-inch wide screen that clearly shows each visitor’s face. If it is difficult to see, simply touch the screen to activate an approximate 2x zoom horizontally and vertically. This makes it easy for everyone to see, and provides and easy-to-use operating screen.

  • Electric Lock Release Support for Gate

The electric lock release support up to 2 systems, each of which can be operated from the main monitor or a sub monitor. The gate or door lock can be easily and quickly released even from the second floor of the house.

** When connecting three or more door lock, an optional doorphone is required.

  • Slim Design

Only 21mm deep, the main monitor has a slim design that blends in with virtually all room interiors. The stylish doorphone allows both mounted and mount-free use. Choose the type of use that matches your installation conditions and your home’s design.

  • Wide-Angle Camera

The doorphone features an wide-angle lens that covers approximately 170 degrees horizontally and 115 degrees vertically. It gives you images with minimal distortion regardless of the number of people being viewed, or the height of each person. The wide range also increases freedom for choosing the installation location

  • SD Card Recording

You can automatically record video images of visitors while you are away from home. It will record up to 3000 visitors (30 seconds per visitor). You can save and play the images on PC that has an SD Card slot.

** The SD Card is sold separately. Please use an SD Memory Card with a capacity of 2 GB or more.

** The number of recordings is an estimate for use as a guide only. When the card becomes full, images will be deleted automatically, starting with the oldest, to record new images.

Product Technical Specifications

Maximum Connectable Units Main Monitor 1
Wireless Sub Monitor 6 (DECT)
Door Station (Doorphone) 2 (Die-Cast Aluminium)
Recording Movie/Picture Recording Yes / Yes
SD Card Recording Yes
Connectable Devices Sensor Camera Yes (4)
Electric Lock Release (Door Opener) Yes (2)*
Panasonic PBX
Repeater Yes (2)
Others Night Vision (LED Light) Yes
Touch Panel/Pan & Tilt Yes
Wide Angle Camera Yes
Intercom Call Yes (Wireless)
Voice Changer Yes
NOTE * When connecting 2, an optional Door Station is required.

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Product Warranty

2 Years

What’s in the box?

  1. 1 Unit VL-MWD501BX Main Monitor
  2. 1 Unit VL-WD613BX Wireless Monitor Station
  3. 1 Unit VL-V554BX Surface Mount Door Station

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