PARADOX Spectra SP4000 4-zone Expandable to 32-zone Alarm Package


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Product Special Features

  • Can provide protection for two independent partition area at the same location. Maid can disarm the maids room, kitchen and dining area (first partition) to do house chores early in the morning while the whole house perimeter (second partition) still armed and protected.
  • Support phone call in to arm/disarm by adding a voice module
  • Support smoke alarm supervision
  • Support StayD mode
  • Support Internet module arm/disarm via web browser by adding IP100

Product Standard Features

  • Arm or disarm with a single touch
  • Activate door chiming to notify you when someone enters or leaves a area
  • Can bypass one area to give access to maintenance workers while keep other area protected
  • Backlit keys on keypad to inform you at a glance on your alarm status
  • Panic function allow you to trigger alarm at any time when you feel threat
  • Built in phone auto-dialer to call out to CMS for help
  • Sleek new design with attractive keypads enhance any decoration
  • Large, soft keys make using your system easy for your entire family.
  • Improved lightning protection
  • Intellizones technology to prevent false alarm

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Product Warranty

2 Years

What’s in the Box?

  1. PARADOX SP4000 4-zone Main Panel (SP4000) x 1
  2. PARADOX Plastic Housing (PLASBOX) x 1
  3. PARADOX 10-zone LED Keypad (K10H) x 1
  4. GPower 7Ah SLA Backup battery (PBB001) x 1
  5. 16VAC Transformer (PST001) x 1
  6. Vibration Sensor (AVS001) x 5
  7. Magnetic Sensor (AMC001) x 3
  8. Outdoor Siren Set (Including Tamper Switch, Siren horn, Metal Box and Strobe Light) x 1

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