G-FORCE SL1000 (Nylon) Sliding Autogate AC Motor Set


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Product Highlights

  • Sliding Motor Autogate
  • Automatic 220-240V AC motor for residential sliding gates
  • Single phrase induction motor couple with worm gear speed reducer with manual override release patented mechanical clutch.
  • Safety limit timer
  • Auto close on adjustable timer
  • Supported gate weight up to 1000kg
  • Nylon Pinion Gear

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What’s in the Box?

  1. G-FORCE SL1000 AC Nylon Gear Motor x 1
  2. F1 Sliding Panel x 1
  3. 433MHz Remote Receiver x 1
  4. 433MHz Remote Control x 3
  5. Gear Rack (Each 9mm x 30mm x 1005mm) x 4
  6. Backup Battery x 1
  7. Transformer x 1
  8. PVC Box x 1
  9. Emergency Release Allen Key x 2
  10. Limit Switch Brackets x 2

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