G-FORCE SL1000 Sliding Autogate AC Motor Set


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Product Description

G-FORCE SL1000 is an auto gate system that is suitable for sliding auto gates made from nylon pinion gear. The SL1000 auto gate sliding motor is specially made for residential sliding gates with 220-240V AC motor and up to 1000 kg gate weight support. The single-phase induction motor is coupled with a worm gear speed reducer with manual override release in the patented mechanical clutch. Feel free to browse all kinds of compatible auto gate accessories for G-FORCE SL1000 on our website.

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Product Highlights

  • Nylon Pinion Gear
  • Sliding Motor Autogate
  • Automatic 220-240V AC motor for residential sliding gates
  • Single phrase induction motor couple with worm gear speed reducer with manual override release patented mechanical clutch.
  • Safety limit timer
  • Auto close on adjustable timer
  • Supported gate weight up to 1000kg

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What’s in the Box?

  1. G-FORCE SL1000 AC Nylon Gear Motor x 1
  2. F1 Sliding Panel x 1
  3. 433MHz Remote Receiver x 1
  4. 433MHz Remote Control x 3
  5. Gear Rack (Each 9mm x 30mm x 1005mm) x 4
  6. Backup Battery x 1
  7. Transformer x 1
  8. PVC Box x 1
  9. Emergency Release Allen Key x 2
  10. Limit Switch Brackets x 2

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