SSA P4 USB Rechargeable Waterproof Fingerprint Padlock


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Product Introduction

The P4 Fingerprint padlock is a biometric padlock that works on a fingerprint sensing technology. Its Instant touch-and-unlock process makes it easy for the young and old to use. It is small and compact in size and Its net weight is only 58g. Its dimensions are 3.2cm by 1.7cm  by  6.1cm .Thus you can carry it around easily. It is made of zinc alloy material that does not rust easily. It has a sleek and beautiful appearance.

The P4 Fingerprint padlock allows up to 10 fingerprints to be input and stored in its memory. Thus, making it strong, reliable and sturdy. The Administrator gets to input 2 sets of fingerprints. Its anti-theft ability is a great plus point. All you need to do is just charge it for 3 hours and it will be on standby for up to 6Months and allowing up to 1000 unlocks.

The P4 Fingerprint padlock runs on an 80mAh 3.7V Lithium battery. When it is fully charged the green indicator light goes off and during a low battery situation an alarm is set off to alert you. It takes less than 0.5seconds for fingerprint acquisition and less than 1.0 second for fingerprint matching. Micro USB charging is also provided for times of emergency. So, you can safely say that the P4 Fingerprint Lock is a smart Keyless Anti-Theft Padlock that you must have at home.

Product Highlights

  • Portable Padlock – Unique appearance design, small and lightweight.
  • Can record 10 fingerprints; IP65, waterproof, crash proof, burglar proof.
  • Fingerprint reader – Without the key, your unique fingerprint as the master key, more safety and faster.
  • USB Rechargeable : Charging for 3 hours, standby for 6 months, charging once, unlocked 1,000 times(as long as there is electricity, it can be locked and unlocked indefinitely);
  • For indoor and outdoor use, gym lockers ,suitable for suitcases, golf bags, handbags, school lockers, furniture, wardrobes, bicycle and other goods that you want to protect.
  • The fingerprint lock body is made of aluminum alloy and the lock beam is made of stainless steel for superior cut resistance, protect your cabinet or your home against thieves.

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Product Specifications

Model P4
Fingerprint Sensor semiconductor fingerprint sensing technology, 72*64, input 10 times and store 10 groups
Fingerprint Head Shape Square 10.4*10.4mm/0.41*0.41″
Storage Capacity 10 sets of fingerprints
Technology Biometrics
False Rate <0.002%
Rejection Rate <1%
Fingerprint Acquisition Time ≤0.5 seconds
Fingerprint Matching Time ≤1.0 seconds
Administrator Fingerprint Capacity 2 sets of fingerprints
Fingerprint Setting Short press to unlock, long press 5s to set fingerprint, long press 10s to delete fingerprint
Lock Beam Diameter 12mm/0.47″
Lock Cylinder No mechanical lock cylinder
IC Proximity Card Not supported
Motor Gear Motor M10
Working Voltage 3.7V
Battery Lithium battery 80mAh 3.7V
Charging Current 5V/200mA
Continuous Standby Time 6 months
Fully Charged Tips Green light off
Low Battery Alarm 3.5V
LED Light Tricolor light
USB Interface Micro USB 5V 0.5A (emergency + charging)
Button Stroke detection button*1 (built-in)
Working Temperature -20°C ~ +70°C
Dimension 3.2 x 1.7 x 6.1cm
Net Weight 58g

Product Warranty

3 Months

What’s in the Box?

  1. 1 x Fingerprint Lock
  2. 1 x USB charging line
  3. 1 x Use Manual

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