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Safety Box Malaysia – Why Malaysian Love This Type of Safety Box?

A Safety Box Malaysia has become an essential item for every home. By having a safety box at home, valuable items, jewellery, a luxury good, passport, ID card and private documents can always be kept safe from thief and uninvited intruders. 

Your personal and precious assets are not only exposed to the risk of theft, the risk of getting them damaged and misplaced can also lead to a disastrous outcome for you. 

Therefore, there is always a need for a safety box Malaysia at home to keep your personal belongings and valuable assets.

While choosing a Safety Box Malaysia, below are some of the most important factors for you to take into consideration: 

Burglary resistant Safety Box 

The most basic goal of having a Safety Box Malaysia is to protect your valuables from robbers and burglars. Therefore, the safety box must have reasonable protection against this factor. To choose a heavy-duty safety box for your home, it would have to fulfil some of the criteria as below: 

The lock system of the safety box is the first level of resistant to any theft incident. Therefore, make sure the safety box that you choose has a locking system that has been heavily and rigorously tested to withstand heavy knocking and hacking. With the advancement of technology, digital lock are widely available for more safety and added convenience for its users. 

The weight of the safety box Malaysia is the next barrier to the burglar. The weight of the safety box make it nearly impossible for many robbers to break in and fail in their attempt due to the portability factor. 

Next, the material build of the safety box needs to be strong as they are also a strong resistant while intruders try to cut open the safety box Malaysia

Water-resistant safety box

Besides that, Natural disaster such as floods and rains may also destroy your valuable items and jewellery. Therefore, make sure that the safety box Malaysia that you choose do come with the water resistant features.

Fire-resistant safe deposit box

Next, the natural disaster that has become very common nowadays is the outbreak of fire. Due to such occurrence, safe manufacturers have given proper attention to this factor. Currently, a large number of fire-resistant safety box can be found in the market.

Right size product according to the available space

Some of the most common mistakes that customers make are that they don’t think about the right suitable amount of space available when they are choosing the safety box. Some may choose a Safety Box too small to place all their valuable items and documents. On the other hand, some may choose a Safety Box too big to be put into their house.

Therefore, it is really important to get the proper measurement of the space you have planned for your safety box Malaysia

Finally, it is important to think through the factors above before making your purchase of safety box for your home. 


digital lock malaysia for future security

Digital Lock Malaysia | Digital Lock vs Traditional

A peace of mind is very important for any home or office environment. A true sense of security is felt when we leave our house knowing no burglars or thieves will break into our house or office.

The traditional lock has been the trusted product for decades when it comes to locking our home or office. They do come in different shapes and sizes with different level of security options

However, the traditional lock is no longer the best security option for your home and office with the introduction of Digital Lock Malaysia. It has also developed a smarter new way of life for all of us.

Digital lock Malaysia has become a new measure of security when it comes to protecting your private spaces.

Digital lock Malaysia also known as the smart lock is an electrical locking device that can be opened without the use of any physical keys. Instead, you can open the digital lock using only your smartphone, fingerprint, key cards, pin code, etc.

There are many types of Digital locks in the market, let’s have a look at some of the important factors when it comes to evaluating the right digital lock for your home.

Security and safety

We have been using the conventional door lock for generations. For years they do fit the purpose as they fulfilled their supreme duty which is to keep the bad guys out. However, there is a major weakness with the conventional door lock: it is very quick and easy to photograph and make a copy without your knowledge.

As compared to digital lock Malaysia. There are no physical keys to copy. Therefore, you can always leave your property with a piece of mind knowing that all your belongings are safe even after you leave.

Peace of mind

Have you ever worried that you forgot to lock your door after you leave your home? Worries like this can even affect your mood, productivity, and efficiency at work.

The digital lock will always assure you that your door is always locked wherever you leave your home. Giving you true peace of mind.

Ease of access

Digital lock Malaysia provide you with the best convenience for easy access to your home and office. Most of the time you can use your fingerprint or pin code to access your property. If you are out of town and you forgot to leave your code with someone, you won’t need to drive back because you can easily set up and pass the one time password to anyone through a phone or text message. In most cases, you may even open the door to your guest just by allowing access using the apps on your smartphone.

Convenience of Digital Lock Malaysia

Not only does the digital lock provide easy locking and unlocking features for you, but it is also able to let you know who accesses your property at any given time. For example, this is a truly important feature to have for working parents. They would feel relief whenever they get notified when their children come back from school and have reached home safely.

Gone are the days where Smart gadgets were a luxury. Smart gadgets such as the digital lock have become an integrated part of our life and have become very practical, reliable, and proactive in protecting our residential and commercial properties.

Digital lock is the future way of life and the future has indeed arrived. If you are still unsure about which digital lock Malaysia suits you best, please feel free to contact our smart home expert at

smart home convenient

Smart Home System – How can they improve your life?

What is a Smart Home? 

Smart Home Malaysia is an intelligent home setup whereby your home appliances can be controlled from anywhere with an internet connection using a cell phone or any other connected smart device. Smart home devices are integrated via the internet, allowing the user to control functions such as home security, temperature, lighting, and even their home theatre. All these can be easily done at the comfort of your home or far away from home. 


How do they work? 

When a smart home system is fully set up and connected, you will have full control of your home and access it from any location just by using the smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a gaming device. Apart from that, some of the major smart devices in your home which may include Door locks, TVs, thermostats, home monitors, cameras, lights, and even appliances such as refrigerators can be also be controlled by a single application on your phone. The system is configured on a mobile phone or other networked devices, and the user can set the time for any personalized configuration to take place.  

Smart home devices nowadays come with self-learning, so that they can have a better understanding of the homeowner’s schedule and make the necessary adjustment to bring more comfort to the homeowner and free them from their daily tasks and mundane routine to save them more time every day. The smart home Malaysia system which is equipped with controlled lighting allows homeowners to reduce energy consumption on a daily basis. The benefits can be easily seen and felt as a homeowner will get to enjoy tremendous energy costs saving with smarter energy consumption by the smart appliances in their home. Some home automation systems can even alert the owner whenever there is any unwelcome noise or movement around their home when they are away at work. Homeowners can personalize these unwelcome activities and directly report them to the nearest police or fire department. 

Some of the most popular and important smart security systems nowadays include smart security doors, smart security surveillance, and the smart digital lock has become an important part of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. By integrating Smart Security System into your home, you will get to experience total convenience with added home security. 


How to set up a Smart Home System?

Security and functionality are the principles behind the advancement of smart home devices. Smart homes Malaysia system can be integrated through the wireless or corded connections – or both. Wireless systems are easier to install and setup. Unlike the corded connections, incorporating a wireless home appliance with features such as smart lighting, climate control, and safety can be very cost-effective. On the other hand, the corded connections are more stable and can be increase added value to the homeowners. However, there is a downside to this system as it is much more expensive. 

Generally, the number of homeowners incorporating a smart home system is always on the rise. Do you want to learn more and experience the Smart Home System? Then it is time to contact the experts from Smart Home Malaysia and learn how it can bring you the daily convenience that you have always dream of.