CASA ASIA S-320H Autogate Motor Set


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Product Description 

CASA ASIA S-320H is an auto gate system motor set that is suitable for swing and folding auto gates that is able to withstand up to 3m per auto gate leaf and for auto gates that weigh up to 300kg. The S-320H is the most desirable and highly functional auto gate system for all kinds of residential auto gate installation. Equipped with a powerful 12VDc motor, this auto gate motor provides exceptional starting torque and features soft start or stop operation. Customize this auto gate motor with 3 types of sound buzzers to differentiate the auto gate status.

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Product Introduction

Casa Asia S-320H is the Ideal solution for swing and folding gates with leaves up to 3m

The S-320H is the most functional, desirable solution for any type of folding and swing gate. It has a powerful 12VDc motor, which provides exceptional starting torque and features soft start/stop operation.

The special arm is the ideal solution for wide pillars and is capable of operating gates up to 3m per leaf and weighing up to 300kgs.

It is the best way to automate a gate without altering its shape and design.

It also with large posts, lightweight structures, and operator life, as well as dependable performance.

Besides its stylish outlook, the S-320H cover was specially designed and made with weather-resistant material to provide a longer period of usage.

Product Highlights

  • AutoClose Timer
    • If you worry about forgetting to close your gate, then switch on this function where the gate will close by itself after being opened for a preset time.
  • Enclosure Weather Proof
    • Casa Asia S-320H is weatherproof.
  • Gate Buzzer Alert
    • 3 types of sound buzzers to differential the gate status
  • Comes with Backup Battery
    • Don’t worry! kept running with a backup battery during power failures.
  • Optional Safety Beam Sensor
    • While closing, the gate will reverse if there is an obstacle to the motion.
    • When the gate totally closes, the sensor will turn to the alarm function. An obstruction to the beam sensor triggers the alarm action, the siren will turn on.
  • Multi-Function Remote


Product Video

Product Specifications

Medium Duty Heavy Duty
Power Supply : 230V 230V
Power Max. : 40 Watts 60 Watts
Current Max. : 3 Ampere 6 Ampere
Torque Max. : 190 Nm 290 Nm
Operating Voltage : DC13V DC15V
Operating Power : 20 Watts 30 Watts
Operating Current : 1.36 Ampere 1.65 Ampere
Operating Torque : 96 Nm 140 Nm
Output Speed : 2 R.P.M 2 R.P.M
Opening Time : 10 second (Total Open/Close) 10 second (Total Open/Close)
Keypad Control : 3 wire connection
Open both, left, right wing
On / off buzzer
On / off auto-close
3 wire connection
Open both, left, right wing
On / off buzzer
On / off auto-close


Product Catalog

Product Warranty

24 Months

What’s in the Package?

  2. CASA ASIA 320 – NX 13 320 PANEL x 1
  3. CASA ASIA 320 – 4 CH REMOTE x 1
  4. CASA ASIA 320 – 0-13-16V TRANSFORMER x 1
  6. PVC BOX x 1

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