CASA ASIA DSCS Sliding Autogate DC MotorSet


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Product Description

CASA ASIA DSCS (Digital Soft Speed Control System) is an auto gate motor suitable for sliding auto gates without using conventional limit switches. CASA ASIA DSCS auto gate system comes with a backup battery to support auto gate operations despite the unavailability of electricity supply. Besides that, the CASA DSCS auto gate motor is high in quality with top-class electronic and mechanical components. Working seamlessly with maximum safety.

Product Highlights

  • Yellow Colour
  • DSCS
    • Digital Soft Speed Control System, no more using conventional limit switches.
  • Backup Battery
    • Continue running on backup battery during a power failure.
  • Oil Bath Worm Type
    • Oil bath worm type reducer for maximum life span.
  • Infrared Beam Sensor
    • Optional
  • Automatic Close Control
    • Indoor selectable automatic close control.
  • High Quality
    • High quality electronic and mechanical components
  • Photo Sensor
    • Photo sensor control automatic lighting with delay timers.
  • Maximum Safety
    • DC24V low voltage motor for maximum safety.
  • Overload Detector
    • Electronic overload detect and rotary sensor to protect user and the machine.

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What’s in the Box?

  1. CASA ASIA DSCS DC Sliding Motor x 1
  2. 3Speed Sliding Panel x 1
  3. 433MHz Remote Receiver x 1
  4. 433MHz Remote Control x 3
  5. Backup Battery x 1
  6. Transformer x 1
  7. PVC Box x 1
  8. Gear Rack (Each 9mm x 30mm x 1005mm) x 4
  9. Installation Accesories

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