CHUBB Diamond Core Drill Resistant Safe – Sovereign Safe


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Product Description

CHUBB Diamond Core Drill Resistance Safe is a sovereign safe deposit box made from multi-layered core drill-resistant material. The CHUBB Diamond Core Resistance Safe Box is resistant against fire for up to 90 minutes and the safe box is highly secured by 3-Way moving steel bolts. The safe box deadbolts are fixed to the back edge with an overall safe deposit box door thickness of 212mm. enjoy treasury safe for up to 2 hours as well as high-security protection for your valuable belongings.

Product Highlights

  • Combination Lock
  • Overall door thickness 212mm
  • The thickness of 100mm filled
  • Multi-layered Core Drill Resistant material
  • Fire Resistant Up to 90Minutes
  • Diamond Core Drill Resistant for:
  • Sovereign Safe – up to 2 hours 50 mins
  • Secured by 3-way moving steel bolts
  • Deadbolts fixed to the back edge

Product Catalogue

Product Features

  • The Core Drill Resistant Safe Has Been Specifically Design For Very High-Risk Protection. The Core Drill Resistant Against High Powered Tools Including Diamond Core Drill Attacks.
    • Treasury Safe – Up to 2 hours
    • Sovereign Safe – Up to 2 hours 50 min
    • Resolute Safe – Up to 5 hours
  • Model: Sovereign Safe
  • Dimension (external)  :  1657H x 743W x 830D mm
  • Dimension (internal)  :  1457H x 543W x 546D mm
  • Weight  :  1430kg
  • Capacity:  432 Litres
  • Fire Resistant:  90 minutes (JIS rating)
  • Diamond Core Drill Resistant: up to 2 hours 50 mins
  • Accessories:  c/w 2 adjustable shelves; 2 steel drawers

Product Warranty 

1 Year

Additional information

Weight 1430 kg



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