CHUBB DuoGuard Grade I Safe Model 115 – Secured By Electronic Lock Only


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Product Description 

CHUBB Duo Guard Grade I safe box is an anti-theft and burglary safe box that protects your belongings and valuables with an electronic lock. Keep your documents, cash, and invaluable items in the CHUBB safe box that comes with one-hour fire protection, ergonomic soft-touch handle, and touch-resistant barrier material for maximum safe box safety protection. Shop all kinds of safe deposit boxes on Security System Asia, supplying the best and most reliable safe boxes in Malaysia.

Product Highlights

  • Burglary protection in accordance
  • European Standard EN
  • 1143-1, as certified by ECB•S for Grades I
  • One hour’s fire protection of paper documents
  • Torch-resistant barrier material
  • Ergonomic soft-touch handle
  • Optional Internal Fittings
  • Lock Options

Product Catalogue

Product Details

1. Model 110 to 200 comes standard with two pieces of adjustable
shelf and three pieces for Model 300.

2. Extendable shelf
3. Extensible drawer
4. Lockable drawer
5. Data media insert

DuoGuard safes fitted with a high-security electronic lock (Class B) for model 110 – 300 as the primary lock.
The primary lock can be supplemented by a combination lock or both a key lock and electronic lock can be fitted as an option.
All locks are tested by ECB•S and are certified in accordance with the EN 1300 standard.
DuoGuard’s high-security electronic lock – certified Class B by ECB•S – includes the following features:
• 1 master code, 1 supervisor code, and 7 user codes.
• Time delay of up to 99 minutes between lock being operated and the door being opened. Also equipped with time-delay override.
• Protective function to raise the silent alarm if the lock is being opened under duress.

DuoGuard has been approved in accordance with the European standard, EN 1047-1 in fire class S 60 P, which means the safe will protect paper documents for one hour. This certification was awarded by ECB•S (European Certification Board Security Systems). To comply with this standard, DuoGuard has been exposed to a constantly heated environment of over 1,000°C, during which temperature is measured and relative air humidity checked.

The safe is placed in a furnace and heated to a constant temperature of almost 1,000°C for 60 minutes to simulate the effects of a severe fire. Its internal temperature is measured during the heat and must never exceed 170°C, which is the temperature at which paper start to suffer damage.

The safe is removed from the furnace and cooled. The internal temperature continues to be measured during the subsequent cooling down period. When opened, it must not exceed 150°C.

DuoGuard has been approved by ECB•S in accordance with the European EN 1143-1 standard for burglary protection in Grade I. A range of attack tools was used to test DuoGuard’s level of resistance, ranging from basic tools to sophisticated thermal and electrical equipment.

Product Warranty

1 Year

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