CHUBB Viper Safe Model 50 Secured by Electronic Lock Only


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Product Description

CHUBB Viper Safe Deposit Box is an ideal security box to store and safeguard cash, valuable items, and invaluable documents at home or in the office. CHUBB Viper safe box comes with both certified security against burglary & fire, securing your valuables in the security deposit box for up to 30 minutes during a fire emergency situation. CHUBB Viper Safe Box comes in 4 sizes ranging from 36 liters to 91 liters per safe security box. CHUBB Viper Safe Deposit Box offers Electronic Lock only as a safe box lock option.

Product Highlights

  • Viper Size 50 has one Shelf
  • Combined fire and burglary protection in one safe
  • EN 14450 certified by ECB\u2022S to level S2 burglary protection
  • EN 15659 certified by ECB\u2022S for 30-minute fire protection for documents
  • Choice of 6 sizes: from 19- to 91-liter capacity
  • EN 1300 certified electronic lock
  • Dual base fixing holes, supplied with two concrete anchor bolts
  • Ideal safe for protecting cash and valuable items, as well as
  • passports, title deeds, and other important documents in the
  • home and office
  • The safe door is secured using the new revolutionary \u201cV\u201d bolt
  • system. The design of the locking bolts helps maintain the door
  • integrity both when under physical attack and during a fire

Product Catalogue

Product Specification

Model: 50

Dimension (external): 600H x 445W x 390D mm

Dimension (internal): 510H x 355W x 281D mm

Weight: 42kg

Volume: 51 liters

Fire Resistance: 30 minutes (European Standard)


*with a 6 digit personal code. The lock is certified by ECB.S in accordance with European Standard EN1300*

Accessories: Internal c/w 1 adjustable shelf


Owning a CHUBBSAFES CSV-50 VIPER SIZE 50 is a smart move to safeguard all your prized gold jewels, diamonds, and money in your home. It has been labeled as a “BURGLARY CUM FIRE-RESISTANT SAFE” under the VIPER series. Besides jewels and money. The safe can also help you safeguard passports, title deeds on properties, and other important paper documents.


The safe door makes use of the new revolutionary “V” bolt system which comes with an EN1300 certified electronic lock. The locking bolts help maintain door safety and integrity when the safe encounters drastic physical blows and attacks like grinding, drilling, and explosives by intruders. Plus, if there is a fire break out the safe will withstand the intense heat because of the EN 15659 certification by ECBS for 30 minutes of fire protection for documents. Plus it is also EN 14450 certified by ECBS up to level S2 in burglary protection.


CHUBBSAFES CSV-50 VIPER SIZE 50 comes with an EN1300 certified electronic lock and has 1 shelf inside. The safe has an external dimension of 600 mm in height, 445mm in Width, and 390 mm in diameter. The internal dimensions are 510mm in height, 355mm in Width, and 281mm in diameter. This safe weighs 42kg and holds up to 51 liters… Thus it is safe to say that CHUBBSAFES CSV-50 VIPER SIZE 50 is a must at all homes and offices and it gives combined fire and burglary protection in one safe at all times.

Product Warranty 

1 Year

Additional information

Weight 42 kg



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