FALCON Grille Gate PF [2KL] Painted Finish


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Product Description

When you highly need security in your premises without sacrificing visibility and airflow, FALCON Grille Gate PF [2KL] Painted Finish will come to your mind instantly. These safety grille gates also keep areas off-limits to intruders like burglars and thieves. Along with its durability and robust strength it also offers aesthetic and pleasing designs to match your deco at your residential, commercial, and industrial premises.

Falcon GRILLE GATE is usually made of strong durable stainless steel material which even comes painted. These grille gates are often decorative in design to please the human eye. Plus it allows fresh air to circulate freely around your premises. So it has 2 in 1 feature. Air to circulate and keep your environment fresh and secure from unwanted intruders.

The FALCON Grille Gate PF [2KL] Painted Finish comes with 2 mortised deadbolt locking systems. Wherever this grille gate is, it ensures tight and secure protection for your premises. It comes in dimensions of 2150mm in height and 1285mm in Width. It is a hefty big size grille gate and weighs around 45kg. Thus it cannot be easily removed or carried away by intruders during a burglary theft.

Product Specification

Model: Grille Gate Painted Finish

Dimension : 2150H x 1285W (mm)

Locking: 2 mortise deadbolt lock

Weight : 45 kg

Product Warranty

1 Year

Additional information

Weight 45 kg



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