GIZMO Air Purifier PM2.5 with Negative Ion Air Filter


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Product Highlights

  • Built In Dual Intelligent Sensor : Auto Monitoring Harmful Substances in the air
  • Effective Multilayer Filter : HEPA filter, Photocatalyst Filter, Activated Carbon Filter
  • Effectively Capture PM2.5 Particles
  • Effectively Remove Haze, Smoke, Absorbing Formaldehyde and Kill Germs.
  • Quick Purification : Fast room coverage up to 50m square.
  • Long Service Life of Filter Screen : Effective up to 1 Year.
  • Stylist HD Display Touch Panel
  • Easy Remote Control & Timing Function : More Convenient

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Product Specifications

Detection Function: Dust Sensor, Temperature Sensor, FIS Odor Sensor, Photosensitive Sensor
Display Button : High Definition Touch Digital Display
Rated Voltage : 220 V
Rated Frequency : 50 Hz
Rated Power : 35W
Effective Coverage Area: 50m Square
Product Size : 330 * 185 * 562mm
Filter Size : 332mm*20mm*25.4mm
3 Fan Speed : Low, Medium, High
Timing Function : 2H, 4H, 5H or 8H




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