NICE TOONA 5024 Auto Gate Complete Set


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Product Description

NICE TOONE 5024 is an auto gate system that is compatible with swing and folding auto gates with up to 5M on each auto gate arm. TOONA 5024 comes with a powerful 24VDC version supply and is suitable for all kinds of residential and industrial auto gate usages. Built with quality and robustness, TONNA 5024 auto gate system is made up of 2 touch aluminum shells with polyester paint finish which makes the auto gate resistant against harsh atmospheric agents.

Product Highlights

  • Auto Gate Automation for Swing Gate up to 5M Length, 24VDC Version, Suitable for residential and industrial use.
  • New third generation models: quality and durability thanks to the housing, made up of two tough aluminium shells with polyester paint finish; more resistant to atmospheric agents. Internal moving parts completely in steel, light alloys and technopolymers.
  • Reliable and silent:¬†patented layout of internal parts.
  • Lead nut in bronze: for strength and silent operation.
  • Generously sized and practical connection Compartment: rapid and easy access from above to internal parts located in the upper section of the motor.
  • Simple installation and maintenance, with built-in capacitor.
  • 24 VDC version with magnetic encoder. Perfect for intensive use, compatible with the control unit Moonclever MC824H, equipped with BlueBUS, and provision for operation with the systems Solemyo and Opera:
    • simple programming, by means of a single key;
    • self-learning of opening and closing limit positions;
    • automatic fault diagnostics;
    • programming of pause time;
    • pedestrian pass door;
    • deceleration on opening and closing;
    • obstacle detection with dual technology;
    • operation in event of power failure by means of optional rechargeable batteries (PS324);
    • provision for connection of latest generation resistive sensitive edges.

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Product Warranty

3 Years

What’s in the Box?

  1. NICE TOONA 5024 24VDC Swing Gate Arm Motor x 2
  2. NICE MC824H Swing Control Panel with Original NICE Power Transformer x 1
  3. Rear Bracket with Screws x 2
  4. Front Bracket with Screws x 2
  5. Emergency Release key x 2
  6. NICE ERA-INTI 2 Channels Remote Control x 3
  7. NICE OX2 2 Channels Remote Receiver x 1
  8. NICE Moonclever PVC Control Box x 1
  9. Lock Stopper – Plastic x 1
  10. Lock Stopper Brackets x 2

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