PARADOX Spectra SP6000 8-zone Expandable to 32-zone Alarm Package


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Product Introduction

The Paradox Spectra SP6000 is a type of security alarm control known for its flexible features. It runs on 2 on-board PGM programmable outputs, as wells as 8 hard-wired onboard zones. This type of control panel allows SP6000 to have expandable and flexible features, making it suitable for business and residential use. For instance, businesses that require remote and wireless control, and mobile remote monitoring through Android or iOs phones is made possible through the Paradox (to use this, a IP150 Internet Module is needed for the Paradox App to work).

Product Features 

Special feature:

  • Support VDMP3 for voice notification and remote arm/disarm
  • Support IP150 for email notification and check status from web
  • StayD function keeps you always protected
  • Multiple phone numbers: 3 for monitoring station, 5 for personal dialing and 1 for pager reporting
  • Menu-driven programming for the Installer, Master and Maintenance codes

General feature:

  • Expandable maximum up to 32 zones and 16 PGM
  • Independent 2 partitions to allow independent programming and setting
  • Built in dialer to support CMS reporting (contact ID)
  • Telephone line supervision warn user if the line is disconnected.
  • False alarm prevention with Intellizones, Auto Zone shutdown and etc…
  • Keypad activated panic alarm

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Product Technical Specifications Description

PARADOX Spectra Alarm Panel Comparison Chart

Product Warranty

2 Years

What’s in the Box?

  1. PARADOX SP6000 8-zone Main Panel (SP6000) x 1
  2. PARADOX Plastic Housing (PLASBOX) x 1
  3. PARADOX 10-zone LED Keypad (K10H) x 1
  4. GPower 7Ah SLA Backup battery (PBB001) x 1
  5. 16VAC Transformer (PST001) x 1
  6. Vibration Sensor (AVS001) x 10
  7. Magnetic Sensor (AMC001) x 5
  8. Outdoor Siren Set (Include Siren Box, Siren Horn, Tamper Switch and Strobe Light) x 1