ST RACK FS33610 Floor Standing Rack Enclosure 19” – 1000mm DEPTH (33U)

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Product Highlights

  • ST-Rack Equipment Enclosure Rack
  • Structure design and multi-vendor server rack
  • Come with a depth of 1000mm
  • Provide two choices of the front outlook
  • Easy lift-off door hinge provides convenience
  • Creating a workspace for high-density 19″ rack-mount equipment
  • Size: 33U X 600mm x 1000mm

Product Description

ST-Rack Equipment Enclosure Rack is a CKD (Complete Knock Down) Structure Design and multi-vendor server rack. It comes with a depth of 600mm to 1200mm. ST-Rack also provides two choices of the front outlook such as Perforated Type and Perspex Type. The easy lift-off door hinge provides convenience and creates works space for high-density 19″ rack-mount equipment.

  • Top cover with Ventilation Fan position for 4 Fan (Optional)
  • Cable entry provided for the Top and Bottom
  • Front Perforated or Perspex Metal Door with swing handle and flush lock
  • Load rating of 500kg SWL
  • Rear Perforated metal door with lock
  • 4 Universal adjustable panel mounting members
  • 2 Detachable side panels with a lock
  • Power cable with plug top
  • 40 sets of M6 Caged nuts.
  • 1 set of adjustable feet
  • 1 set of castor wheels. (Front Braking System)
  • 100mm, 150mm Plinth (optional)
  • Epoxy high-quality powder-coated finishing (Black color).
  • A wide range of accessories
  • Rack framework in CKD (Complete Knock Down)

Product Details

  • IEC 297-2
  • DIN 41494, Part 7
  • DIN 41491, Part 1 Mounting Dimension
  • EN 60950
  • VDE 0100
  • EIA-310-D
  • 1U = 44.45mm

Product Accessories

  • Adjustable Feets/ Castor Wheel
  • Flush Lock
  • Perspex Door/ Perforated Door
  • Panel Mounting Member
  • M6 Caged Nuts
  • Power Distribution Unit/Power Outlets

What’s in the box?

  1. Ventilation Fan
  2. Sliding Tray
  3. 1U Cable Management Panel
  4. Equipment Tray
  5. Cantilever Tray
  6. Power Outlet
  7. Base Plinth
  8. Panel Mounting Member
  9. 2 detachable side panels with Latch and lock

Product Warranty

1 year


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