DCMOTO GFM925W Full Set Auto Gate System


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Product Description

DCMOTO GFM925W is a conventional auto gate system that is suitable for swing or folding auto gates. With a built-in DCMOTO Hybrid Power System in the auto gate motor, up to 95% of electricity cost is saved, resulting in decreased energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Feel free to browse all kinds of compatible auto gate accessories for DCMOTO GFM925W on our website.

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Product Highlights

  • ¬†Hybrid Powered: Reduce 95% Electricity Cost
    • DCMOTO HYBRID POWER System will cut off the main supply during standby.
  • Infrared Safety Beam Safety Feature (Optional)
    • Reverse open when the infrared safety beam detected an obstacle
  • Automatic Close Timer Setting Feature (Must Install with Infrared Safety Beam)
    • The gate will close automatically after being opened for a preset time
  • Motion Lock Safety Function
    • To inhibit the gate from motion for some emergency occasions
  • The emergency alarm can be triggered with the remote control or keypad
  • Intruder Alarm Safety Features (Must install with Infrared Safety Beam)
  • Automatic Lightning when the gate is open or switch from the remote control keypad
  • Maximum Support Swing Type Gate up to 4M or Folding Type Gate up to 8M
  • Built-in Electromagnetic Lock
  • Multi-Function 4Channels Remote Control
  • Suitable to use for Swing / Folding Type Gate
  • Easy Release in case of Emergency Power Failure

Product Catalog

Product Warranty

2 Years

What’s in the box?

  1. DCMOTO GFM925W DC Motor x 2
  2. Auto Gate Panel Board x 1
  3. Power Transformer x 1
  4. Multi Function 4CH Remote Control x 3
  5. Indoor Wireless Keypad x 1
  6. PVC Box x 1
  7. Installation Accessories
  8. User Installation Manual


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