NICE WINGO 4024 Auto Gate Complete Set


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Product Description

NICE WINGO 4024 is an incredible auto gate system with a powerful 24VDC electromechanical gear motor that is suitable for swing auto gates that leave up to 2 meters on each auto gate. NICE WINGO 4024 auto gate is ideal for all types of residential usage. NICE WINGO 4024 auto gate system is designed to fit into any modern architectural or regular context with reliability and silence. NICE WINGO 4024 auto gate system is easy to install as well. Experience auto gates differently with NICE WINGO 4024, shop all kinds of auto gate systems, auto gate accessories, and auto gate arms on Security System Asia.

Product Highlights

  • Auto Gate Automation For Swing Gates with Leaves up to 2m Length, 24 VDC, External Mounting. 24 VDC Electromechanical Gearmotor.
  • Reliability and Silence: patented arrangement of internal organs, reduction of moving parts.
  • Easy Installation: electrical connections from above, after installing the gear motor.
  • Convenient Unlocking with Nice custom key or standard lock (optional).
  • Mechanical Limit Switches in pre-mounted PLA13 opening.
  • Moonclever MC424L control unit supports:
    • Easy programming with a single button;
    • Clutch with anti-crush safety;
    • Memorization of the limit switches during opening and closing in self-learning mode; pause time programming;
    • Pedestrian door;
    • Slowdown in opening and closing;
    • Obstacle detection;
    • Possibility of connection to the sensitive edge 8.2 KOhm;
    • Operation in the absence of power with optional batteries (PS124) that can be inserted inside the control unit.

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3 Years

What’s in the Box?

  1. NICE WINGO 4024 24VDC Swing Gate Arm x 2
  2. Rear Bracket with Screw x 1
  3. Front Bracket with Screw x 1
  4. Emergency Release Key x 1
  5. NICE 3-P-P3 Swing Control Panel x 1
  6. NICE ERA-INTI 2 Channels Remote Control x 3
  7. NICE OX2 2 Channels Receiver x 1
  8. Transformer 14-0-14 3Amp x 1
  9. 12VDC Back Up Battery x 1
  10. Lock Stopper – Plastic x 1
  11. Lock Stopper Brackets x 2
  12. PVC Box x 1

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