NICE TOO4254 Telescopic Swing Auto Gate


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Product Description

NICE TOO4254 is an incredible auto gate system with a powerful 24VDC Telescopic power supply suitable for swing auto gates that leaves up to 4.5 meters on each auto gate. TOO4254 auto gate motor is ideal for all types of residential usage. TOO4254 auto gate system is designed to fit into any modern architectural or regular context with reliable and robust die-cast aluminum. TOO4254 auto gate system is easy to install as well. Experience auto gates differently with NICE TOO4254, shop all kinds of auto gate systems, auto gate accessories, and auto gate arms on Security System Asia.

Product Highlights

  • Auto Gate Automation for swing gates with leaves up to 4.5 m. Telescopic electromechanical gear motor, surface mounted. Ideal for residential use.
  • Versatile: thanks to its rod shape, available in 2 versions with strokes up to 400 mm and 500 mm, the motor is suitable for any kind of swing gate.
  • Streamlined design: suitable for modern architectural context.
  • Reliable and durability: thanks to the sturdy case made up by die-cast aluminum with epoxy paint; stainless steel rod.
  • Generously sized and practical connection compartment:¬†rapid and easy access from above to internal parts located in the upper section of the motor.
  • Easy to install: thanks to the new fixing brackets supplied and the easily adjustable rear fixing. No welding.
  • Practical release: with personalized nice key in the upper section of the motor.
  • Compatible with the control unit Moonclever MC424L:
    • simple programming, by means of a single key;
    • self-learning of opening and closing limit positions;
    • programming of pause time;
    • pedestrian pass door;
    • deceleration on opening and closing;
    • reliable obstacle detection;
    • provision for connection of 8.2 KOhm resistive sensitive edges;
    • continues to work even during power failures using optional (PS124) batteries that fit inside the control unit.

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3 Years

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  1. NICE TOO4524 24VDC Telescopic Swing Arm x 1
  2. Articulated Arm, Surface Mounted x 1

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