Autogate System

Italian Technology. Heavy-duty and reliable autogate system that enhances the security at your home while bringing more convenience to your lifestyle.

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Folding and Swing Autogate

Uniquely crafted folding and swing autogate system by the specialist. Advanced auto gate system with maximum strength and reliability.

Sliding Autogate

We offer the best auto-gate brand you can rely on in Malaysia. Enjoy a smarter lifestyle that goes beyond the simplicity and convenience of opening and closing your gate.

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Autogate Installation

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Our Auto Gates


Everlasting Autogate, SMART GATE SG-002 Stainless Steel Auto Gate DC Motor Full Set | 5 Years Full Coverage Warranty

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SMART GATE SG-001 auto gate malaysia selangor puchong 01

SMART GATE SG-001 Auto Gate DC Motor Full Set

or 3 payments of RM212.67 with
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DEA LOOK 371 auto gate malaysia selangor puchong kl 01


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DNOR 712 auto gate malaysia selangor kl 01

DNOR 712 Swing/Folding Autogate Arm Motor Set

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NICE TOONA 7024 auto gate malaysia selangor kuala lumpur 01

NICE TOONA 7024 24VDC Auto Gate System

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CASA ASIA SG350 auto gate malaysia selangor 01

CASA ASIA SG350 Autogate Motor Set

or 3 payments of RM452.63 with
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G-FORCE DC-2000 (Metal) auto gate malaysia selangor kl 01

G-FORCE DC-2000 (Metal) Sliding Autogate DC Motor Set

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DEA Gulliver 2000 auto gate malaysia puchong selangor 01

DEA Gulliver 2000 Sliding Autogate AC Motor Set

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